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Insulate This Winter!

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Insulate This Winter!

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It's almost Christmas!!! Well, most people at the time I am writing this say it isn't (just after Thanksgiving!), but hopefully this will get put into the paper before Christmas (hint, hint).

Now, this article isn't about Christmas. I will give you a hint that will totally give it away: What season is Christmas in? WINTER!! Duh, but what does winter mean? Winter means snow. Snow means cold. So we have to protect ourselves from the cold, wet snow. Here is how:

The marshmallow coats (or bubble coats) are really in style. They don't only look cool and feel like your pillow, they are really warm! This is because it has insulation in it, sometimes made of down (feathers), sometimes made of other things. But it's great for the winter season.

If you cut up a boot, or warm gloves, or as I said before, jackets, you will find many layers in them. Inside the fabric they usually they have a silver-coloured sheet, kind of like foil, to reflect the radiation waves (heat waves) from your body; recycling your body heat, and also reflecting the cold air from outside. And in between this is some other type in insulation which holds air pockets. Air is a poor conductor of heat, and the metal foil is a good conductor of heat, so this helps reduce the conduction of heat through metal.

Ok, I wasn't dumb enough to go look this up on a search engine, I learned it in science class. Anyone of Whyville who is in my class will already know this. We were learning about heat and how it is passed on through a liquid and gas and other junk (blah blah blah). Ok, I think that's way too boring to write out, so I'll change the subject:

My science teacher asked us many times, "What is insulation's worst enemy?" WATER! Because, you know how you have cotton candy, and you pour water on it and it melts into a blob instead of fluff on a stick? Well, that's how insulation is... only it's not on a stick and you can't eat it (awww). So it is really hard for clothes designers to invent a coat that will keep the moisture from your body in (usually called "breathable") and yet KEEP the moisture out. Because this is so hard, a really expensive coat may have those qualities. And you know in cold weather, if the insulation gets wet and "melts", then it freezes and you get cold.

If you don't have that kind of coat, then that's okay. Just wear lots of layers in the snow. If you start sweating, SAVE YOUR OUTSIDE LAYER (warm coat) FROM THE MOISTURE! Take it off and keep it out of the snow while you soak the other layers. When those get wet and cold and maybe frozen, take them off and put on your coat and have more fun!

So, HA! You really do learn something new everyday! Stay warm this winter, and look good doing it! *wink* MERRY CHRISTMAS, TOO!




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