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It Keeps Getting Bigger!

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It Keeps Getting Bigger!
Street names, more roads added to Myville

      Visitors to Myville will notice several changes to the walk-through screen and map of the town. Construction crews have expanded Myville by several blocks, adding 80 new plots, compared to the original 56. Street signs have been added to the top of the walk-through screen, and a directory of Myville citizens to the bottom right.

by Lois Lee
Times Staff

      Whyville officials say that the street names were chosen based on scientists and artists of the European Renaissance. The streets named after scientists all run in one direction, perpendicular to the artists streets.

      According to Marty Buildenhammer, the additions happened because of pressing needs: "Bob called me into the Land Office to tell me there were only three plots left! We thought we had a few days to get more built, but those three ended up being sold that day! Anyways, while we were working, we added street signs and lampposts."

      Also new to the Myville walk-through screen is a directory of Myville's residents and their addresses, located at the lower right. Addresses are given as a street intersection; remember, every intersection will have four houses on it. Move your mouse over the map at the left to find out who lives at the house your mouse is on, or the name of the street. Keeping in mind that the streets are alphabetic (although there isn't one street for every letter, or vice versa), visitors should now be able to find any address pretty easily.

      To get a map of the entire Myville layout, click on the "See Full Map" button at the bottom right. Click your back button to return to the walk-through screen. And that's it!


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