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A Roman Catholic Christmas

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A Roman Catholic Christmas

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Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!

Hello again, Times readers. Chadster here with an article on Christmas. Christmas is an all around fun time of year; some think so because they get gifts and others because it is a time to show loved ones that you care.

In the Christian faith, before Christmas, we have Advent. During Advent we usually go to church and light candles as the weeks go by until we finally reach Christmas. Have you ever noticed the word 'Christmas' has the word 'Christ' in it? Coincidence, I think not! Besides all the gift giving, Christmas is really about Jesus.

Also in the Christian faith, we also go to confession before Advent starts so that we are free of sin during this holy time of year. Now, Christmas isn't just about Roman Catholics -- Protestant and Anglican churches also have their own different ways of celebrating Christmas as well as many other religions in which I haven't mentioned above.

To me, Christmas isn't just about getting the latest toy or new designer clothes -- it's about realizing that you have the gift of sharing and knowing that you will also receive. I'm going to go off topic for the last part of this article and talk about the less fortunate.

The other day, I saw a young boy yelling at his mother because she couldn't get him a toy he wanted for Christmas. He was screaming and yelling right in the middle of the mall and it sickened me how much pain that little boy caused his mother and I realized... When I was that age I did the exact same thing... so I immediately ran to my mommy and apologized.

Now, there are many little kids out there that do this exact same thing, not only at Christmas but regularly. I actually walked up to one of them one day and told him that there are people that barely have clothes or don't even live in houses and that he was complaining that he couldn't get a toy the day it came out, and he said to me, "There is?" After explaining this to the kid, I turned around and began to go on with my Christmas shopping. I turned back around to see this kid crying and saying sorry to his mom.

This concludes my article on Christmas, and remember, be happy, be thankful and don't be like Scrooge.




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