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A Christmas Story

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A Christmas Story

Guest Writer

Hey people of Whyville!

Recently at our school, we had to make a Christmas story for the grades ones and twos. I am so thrilled that we are able to do this because I love writing stories! LoL! Anyway, I thought I would tell the story I am writing -- however, keep in mind that these were for the grades ones and twos, so be nice! =)

>>Ring Ring!<< Finally! The Christmas holidays have officially started right now!

Ronaldo jumped with joy and quickly put on his jacket, mittens, boots, and grabbed his pack sack and hurried outside to play in the snow. He looked over the field and could see many other children having the times of their lives! He decided he would build himself a snow fort! Ronaldo started gathering snow and building a wall. Two hours later, he had built himself the perfect fort!

Everyone was gone except for Ronaldo. He was still there gazing at his masterpiece with pride. Just then he heard rustling coming from the bush. "Hello?" Ronaldo said in a scared voice. Then he heard somebody whisper "Hey kid! Over here!" Hesitantly, Ronaldo slowly walked towards the bush and saw an elf!

Ronaldo couldn't believe his eyes. Right in front of him was an elf! A real elf! "H-h-hi, my name's Ronaldo? What's yours?"

The elf looked Ronaldo up and down and whispered to himself, "He'll do," then he said, "Nice to meet you, Ronaldo! I'm Joe!"

Ronaldo was still feeling a little freaked out, but he said, "Nice to meet you too, Joe!"

When he was about to walk away, Joe called out him. "Hey! Ronaldo! Can I ask a favour of you?"

"Sure, anything!"

"Well, you have to promise me you won't tell anyone," Ronaldo nodded his head and Joe went on. "Come with me and I will show you. It is terrible!" Joe picked up Ronaldo and tossed him over his shoulders and warped to Santa's workshop.

"Where are we?" Ronaldo questioned.

"The North Pole silly! Follow me into Santa's workshop and I will show you our problem!" Joe sauntered into the workshop and Ronaldo tagged along into a room with many beds with elves inside of them. Just then, there came a man in a red suit walking into the room. What a surprise! It was THE man, Santa himself!

"Ho Ho Ho, Joe!!! Is this the boy you found?" he asked.

Joe quickly responded, "Yes! Yes he is!"

Santa walked over to Ronaldo, and said "Son, we are in a DILLY of a pickle right now, you see, there are only a few more days until Christmas, and my elves haven't woken up from their hibernation yet! Do you think you can do anything about this?"

"Of course! I'll just simply do what I do to wake up my brother!"

Ronaldo started jumping on the elves' beds, screaming, "FIRE!!!! FIRE!!!!" but they didn't wake up!

Santa chuckled and told Ronaldo, "Ho Ho Ho, nice try there, boy! But let me explain to you a little more about what happened. You see, we had this tape, and on this tape, it had one of the most beautiful songs on it. When my wife Mrs. Claus cleaned up this year, she lost the tape and could not remember where she placed it. The elves cannot wake up to anything but the tape!"

Ronaldo started thinking. Five minutes later Santa said, "Oh, it's no use! I guess we are going to have to cancel Christmas!"

Then Ronaldo said, "No, Santa! We don't! It just so happens that I know an angel and she sounds so beautiful! If I can have her sing for the elves, maybe they will wake up!"

Santa lit up with glee! "That's WONDERFUL news!!! We won't have to cancel Christmas after all!"

"Okay! We should maybe leave now then! She lives in the clouds where there are these mountains there. Do you think we can make it there in time?"

Santa laughed, "Ho Ho Ho! Are you seriously asking me this? Son, I travel all around the world in one night! I'm positive we can! All I need is for you to navigate!" So Santa hitched up his reindeer and they set off to the mountains in the clouds.

Two hours later...

"You make a turn here and..." Ronaldo stopped talking. All of a sudden there was the most beautiful sound you ever could hear. It was the angel! "ANGEL!!! ANGEL!!!"

The angel stopped singing and flew up to the sleigh. "Could it be?! It IS! Ronaldo, I haven't seen you in ages, sweety! What can I do for you?"

Ronaldo explained to Angel what was going on. "So do you think you can help us?"

Angel smiled "You got it, kid!"

So they went back to the North Pole. Angel sang to the sleeping elves the most beautiful sound you could ever hear! Sure enough, the elves woke up from their hibernation!

"Yay!" everybody said!

Angel said to Ronaldo "Well, sweety, I have to go now. I'll talk to you later okay? Ciao!" Then she disappeared right in front of Ronaldo's eyes! "Woah! How does she do that?!"

Santa walked over to Ronaldo, "Son, you don't know how thankful I am! I want you to have this." Then Santa gave Ronaldo the greatest gift anyone could have ever received.

All of a sudden Ronaldo was in his own bed. Was it all a dream? And if it was, then why was the gift on his nightstand? No one will ever know.

~*The End*~

Thank you for taking your time to read this! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! =)



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