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What Is Christmas?

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What Is Christmas?

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I'm writing this article on Christmas Eve, so it obviously is past Christmas by the time this is published. But I just wanted to tell you what Christmas is really about. First, what do people think?

Some people think Christmas is about presents. Including parents. Adults get so caught up in buying the perfect gift they forget what it's really for. Kids, all they want for Christmas is presents. They think, "Who cares about that stupid tree, I just want the goodies under it."

To some people, Christmas is family. Good stuff like that. Everybody gathers in front of the tree, opens their presents, 'THANKS MOM," and then the kids run to their bedrooms to play for the rest of the day. What a family kind of day.

Others think Christmas is about giving, not receiving. What good is that? In order to give, someone has to receive. And if that receiver thinks Christmas is about giving too, then they will feel bad about receiving, and then the giver will get all sad, and you know. Then Christmas will have no presents at all if that keeps up!

To tell you the truth, lots of people think lots of these things. To sum it all up, Christmas is a time when people lose their minds. I'll tell you what Christmas is really about.

Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. He was who made Christmas in the first place. Why do we always forget that? It is a wonderful non-fiction (totally true) story to hear. You can find it in the Bible, or maybe somewhere on the internet. I won't bother writing it out. But that is the whole meaning of Christmas, and the other stuff is what we have added to make it 'better'.

How come the things we want Christmas to be are always so hard to make ourselves believe? We don't want to be selfish and think it's all about presents, but it's hard to convince ourselves it's not. But the truth, that wasn't made up by people, is the easiest to consider. It was all in God's plan.

Well, I hope I have helped you out, so now you know how to go through your next Christmas. Have a great New Year! ... if it is still the old year when this gets published...




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