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About Christmas

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About Christmas

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Geeko, Geeko, Geeko yes yes, that's me, and I'm here writing to you, the readers of Whyville. During this article I will be talking about my favorite time of year and I'm sure that of many others: Christmas.

Christmas is not only a happy and fun time of year, but also a religious one too. Many religions have different ceremonies and events that take place during December. For some, Christmas may just be about getting an awesome toy, but for others it is much, much more. Christmas is about caring and giving. Not about just getting the latest toy and receiving.

During Christmas, as I jump from channel to channels on T.V., there are usually Christmas Specials on. I'm sure MediaWiz will fill you in on all the great shows that're on.

Now, to get to one of my favorite parts of Christmas and the month of December: HOLIDAYS! I don't know about you, but where I live we get 2 weeks off of school! I like holidays because my parents also get holidays and we have a lot of fun together... beats school any day. Believe it or not, there's NO WORK for 14 whole days, no worrying about due dates, no projects, nothing, nadda, zero, zilch... yeah, you get my point.

Another great part about winter in general is there is always a slight chance that a blizzard will come and there will be A SNOW DAY!! I'm sure you are all familiar with the term (a day in which you don't go to school due to the snowy weather).

Running into a snow pile,



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