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Times Questions

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Times Questions

Guest Writer

Hi! This is PinkGal23 and I just wanted to ask Times Editor a couple of questions:

Q: What day should you really expect to have the new times out by? Although it says Thursday, it almost never comes out right on Thursday.

A: You are absolutely correct, and in light of this, I'm making two changes in the Times this very week: the first is, we will official change the publication date to Fridays. The second is, I make a New Year's Resolution to stick to publishing at least the front page by Friday night. Here's to wishful thinking! :-) Oh -- the MediaWiz column should still be updated every early Thursday, until further notice.

Q: How many articles do you have to have published to be a Times Writer?

A: The quickest anyone's gotten to be a Times Writer was Giggler01 and TIKE, who both reached that illustrious title upon their third weeks of publication. It was actually TIKE's fifth article and Giggler01's fourth, but who's really counting? What matters is that you show a range of skills and interests as well as a commitment to Whyville, writing both quantity and quality.

Q: Do you ever not accept an article because it might make people not want to go on Whyville anymore?

A: I can't say that I have. I have rejected articles that were too polemic -- that is, vitriolic against something (sometimes Whyville) and one-sided in its opinion -- but I don't believe they would have convinced anybody but the easily persuaded to refuse to give Whyville a fair shake. In any case, I have a lot of faith in our town, the opinions of our citizens, and the facts that they discover on their way to answers and truth.

Q: If you would accept that type of article, what articles do you not accept?

A: As I said earlier, I'm not overfond of rants. We don't accept personal attacks or personal ads. I have little patience with articles submitted in full-out cyber-text -- those of you who do that, please invest in a dictionary and learn the English words for OMG, u, 4, and so on. I'd really appreciate it. LOL ;-)

Okay... quick little article and I hope the Times Editor responds!!!




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