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Solstice Safari: Is It Worth It?

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Solstice Safari: Is It Worth It?

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Ya know, everyone has their own opinions, but sometimes, having teams on Solstice Safari can be quite tough to handle. People get too competitive. Recently, some people on my team were saying that the people who were still on Stop 1 of the Safari should please leave our team so that the others can keep their lead and maybe even win. This disappointed loads of people on my team, and some are even threatening to quit Solstice. I think being a member of a team means we have certain responsiblities that all the people should know about.

First of all, don't put another team member down! We are a team, we are working together, and we are all trying hard. If someone is seeking help, then help them! You don't have to put them down, because it's only going to make them more frustrated and confused. People on your team are the ones that would especially appreciate your help, because when you help them, hopefully they will finish some of the stops, and that will give the team more chance of a win. It's that simple!! I don't know why some people can't see that. Helping is the answer.

I remember when I switched teams, I left a BBS Posting in my old team's BBS. It stated, "Y-Mail me for any Help as I will do my best to try to help you". When I joined another team, I got a Y-mail from a girl who had just joined my old team. She asked for help from me. Now, even though I wasn't on her solstice team anymore, I still tried the best I could to help her. I think I helped her because she hasn't y-mailed me back with any new problems yet.

It's as easy as that. Providing tips and clues for others on your team isn't hard. Remember, there is no "I" in TEAM. Everyone has to work hard in order to receive rewards at the end. Editor's Note: This is true! City Hall tells me that teamwork is a major part of how she chooses the clammage awards, and the teams with better teamwork invariably score better anyway!

Now, some people joined Solstice Safari to raise their salary, others to meet new people, some to win. When I joined, I thought it would be cool to meet new people, and also to raise my salary a bit. And I am glad that my prediction came true, for I am meeting new people every day and I am finishing the stops, which will raise my salary in the end. I find, though, that if people were a bit nicer to others on their own team, more people would enjoy the game better. The people who are getting picked on (the ones that others want gone from the team) are the ones suffering.

Please make Solstice Safari fun for everyone.




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