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New Year's Resolutions

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New Year's Resolutions

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New Year's is always an exciting time. After all, it's always fun to count down the hours, minutes, and seconds down to 2003 and staying up till the wee hours of the nights... sometimes into the dawn.

Of course, there are other things. Every year, I try to make resolutions for the New Year. Last year's resolution was to be nicer to my sister... I gave up on that one when my sister wrecked my favorite shirt when she "borrowed" it even though she didn't ask. My resolution didn't even last two weeks! The one before that was to be more thankful for my parents and help them more. After all, even though our parents can be a pain, they are our parents and they care for us. As the months dragged on, I learned to respect my parents and realize how hard it is to watch over me and my siblings.

Obviously, we don't always keep our resolutions. I know that a lot of people resolve to lose weight, but for me, it doesn't matter. Especially since I'm underweight, not over-weight. That's a pretty good resolution, but you soon realize that looks aren't everything. If your weight is causing health problems, though, it is an excellent resolution. For other people who just have a few extra pounds, I think it's not exactly the best choice. Sometimes, as people, we are self-centered and all we think about is ourselves. What about the others in the world?

We live first world countries where running water is expected, food is almost always on the table, and we lead free lives. We can expect to be well fed and we don't have to live in constant fear of attacks and war. Some people just aren't as lucky. What about those in third world countries? Those who are homeless in first world countries? Those who have to worry if there is enough to eat and treasure every penny?

Our school had a project. Each class was assigned a less fortunate family and we brought in food and clothes and gifts for them. Our class worked very hard and in the end, we had plenty to give, even a turkey! The people who helped deliver the hamper told us how surprised and excited the family was. Such happiness we can bring to people with such simple gestures.

This year, I have made a new resolution. I've decided to try to volunteer more. Though I don't know if I will be able to do it, I'm determined to be more compassionate to people and more generous. I hope that you will figure out a way to help others in the New Year!

So, this is ChinaDawl signing out!
Enjoy your New Year's, and party all night long!



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