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Whyville Scams

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Whyville Scams

Guest Writer

Recently there has been a pair of lousy scams going around Whyville, and I think that everyone should know about them.

One of the scams was someone offering you a place on the Whyville city council -- which doesn't even exist. The person would ask you questions like, "What is your password?" and much other personal information. What you should do in this case is 911 report the y-mail immediately. And of course, do not respond to the letter.

Another that went around a lot claimed that city hall was telling to send clams, because of inappropriate behavior. But we all know that City Hall does not ask for clams -- they will either find you automatically, mute you, or if it is really bad, then they will banish you from Whyville (but it has to be really bad for them to do that).

This is pretygal9 signing out, and remember, never give out your password to anyone!


Guest Writer

Dear Whyville citizens,

It has came to my attention that a Whyville citizen named scout231 has been sending out a scam to unsuspecting citizens. If you get a y-mail like this one, please 911 report it and delete it right away:

    Hello I am a scout for whyville a virus has been going around whyville someone hacked whyville made it snow and some of you have probally heard music in some places.so just to been in the safe side please reply to this e-mail with your password I will try to make it safer for you so remeber please reply to this e-mail with your password

    Thank you whyville citizen

So remember if you get a y-mail like this, please 911 report it and delete it as soon as possible! Thanks.

By BreezeeL



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