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With the holidays already come and gone, I for one am glad that here in Whyville we still have the Christmas Tree Lane and good old Chaim hosting his dreidel game. Although from what I hear, these games will be closing that down soon too! *sob*

So, if you haven't yet played a few games of dreidel, you should do so now. It's the only game in Whyville where you can gather around with your friends and have a chat while you play. Don't you want more games like that? I know I do!

Well, we're in luck because my source at City Hall tells me that another game like this one is coming our way. Have you heard of Mancala? And there'll be still more games coming out soon at the AbilityFirst Rec Room. Did you know there's a vote going on there to help decide what game should be put there? Pinball's winning for now, so if that's not the game you want, rally up your friends to go vote!

Last but not least, I have a message from Kiki at the Tiki Travel Agency. The Solstice Safari is wrapping up in the next couple of weeks. Current standings are posted on the Sun Roof, but it's not over till the Tiki Lady says so, so don't give up hope! Get your team together and get excited. Remember, you can increase your salary by up to 12 clams and earn a bonus of 100 clams to boot! In the meantime, congrats go out to The Solstice Trooperz, The Young And The Hopeless, and top quality adventurers for leading the pack!

Happy hunting,

Times Editor



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