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Whyville Prom... 2002?

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Whyville Prom... 2002?

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It must be that time of the year again, when love is in the air and MIDI music is piped in through your speakers. Guys are donning tuxes, and girls are adorning themselves in gowns and jewels. The Sportzplatz is filled with eager partygoers, and signs are posted to transport you to -- you guessed it -- the Prom!

Once you arrived at the actual prom area, which was located right off the 'platz, you saw balloons and decorations everywhere. Even a photo booth for pictures with your date was included. Hmm, seems a little familiar. I took a peek in the photo room -- a beach scene, reminiscent of last year's prom. The scene was complete with a banner declaring it to be "Whyville Prom 2002".

But wait a minute... wasn't that LAST year?

All across the town, signs of the prom were evident. People voting on their pick of who should be prom king and queen. This did seem like a joke because people were trading votes left and right -- but that's another article.

Although anticipation was overwhelmingly high, was the Prom 2002 (oops! I meant 2003!) a mere fluke -- or was it planned? Everything looked great, but it just seemed a little strange. For the Halloween Party, there was plenty of official publicizing. There were invites on the Waiting Room page and announcements in the Times. What happened to the Prom? Why was everyone left in the dark?

Reporting live from the Prom 2003... or 2002?



Note from City Hall: I blush to admit that all this hullabaloo is the result of a few mistakes on my part. The prom pages should *not* have gone up -- we were planning on holding a New Year's party, but that fell through, and in preparing the site, I accidentally set up last year's prom. I'm terribly sorry to those of you who were confused, but as you'll see in Giggler01's article this week, it's pretty logical why this couldn't have been an official Whyville Prom. Expect a real prom sometime in late spring....



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