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City Worker FAQ

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City Worker FAQ

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Hey, this is hottiemb with just a few questions about being a city worker!

Q: Can I become a city worker, and if so how?

A: City Workers are adults who work for Numedeon, Inc., the company that owns and runs Whyville. They are programmers, managers, writers, and business people, all working like crazy to make Whyville a better place for kids to learn, make friends, and talk safely on the internet. So, the short answer is that city worker positions are not open to citizens in general. Instead, if you are interested in helping out, you can apply to be a Y-mail Helper.

Q: I've heard that they can see what people are whispering to each other. Is this true? (I hope not, LoL)

A: Yes, it is true. City Workers can see whispers. It may seem intrusive, but it's actually no different than the fact that we have to keep logs of all the chat that goes on in Whyville. We have to do these things for safety reasons, just like we have to fine, mute, or banish citizens sometimes. Rest assured that City Workers would never publicize the things you've said, be it in whisper or not!

Q: Do they HAVE to wear the City Worker beanie, or is it their choice? (That's a good way to catch people, all you City Workers. They'll think that you're just an average Whyvillian!)

A: Actually, yes, they do have to wear the beanie. It's true, we might catch more offenders if we go "undercover", but it's more important to us that citizens know who the true City Workers are. You can depend on the fact that a true City Worker will always have the beanie on. In fact, anyone who claims to be a City Worker but isn't wearing the beanie on is a FAKE! You should 911 report them ASAP. Both Y-mail Helpers and Safety Patrol Members help our town out, but they are not City Workers.

Q: Do city workers get paid for what they do, or are they volunteers?

A: As I noted earlier, City Workers are adults, most of them with fammilies to support. So, yes, being a part of Whyville is a real job for us. All of us do more than just go around the site with our beanies on. We do everything from developing the town, answering your questions, to going to conferences and finding sponsors to help fund Whyville.


Those are my questions to City Hall. I don't really care if this article gets published but I would like City Worker to respond, please!!!



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