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Qualities of Listening

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Qualities of Listening

Times Writer

I was gonna start off my article by singing, but then I decided by doing that, I would scare away all potential readers. So I will not sing, but I will get to the point, one of these days.

Near the end of November, and article of mine was published that said that I was moving on from Whyville, which for a while, was true. But after a month and a bit of Whyville-free ways, I started to miss it, A LOT! And I was thinking up lots of things to write about all of a sudden, thinking, ah, if only I still went on Whyville... if only.

And then a couple of days ago, I decided to go and see what had changed, and I promised myself that if I found something worth finding, I would "re-invite" myself to Whyville, and use it, this time, with moderation. And lo and behold, here I am, trying to explain this situation. What do you think I could have discovered, then?

Well, I went in and I had a real conversation, something that's hard to come by now. I wasn't fighting, or trying to solve everyone's problems. (Hey, thanks to pokenorn and Bracelet for having that conversation with me!) And I was almost home free. Almost.

See, everyone was saying, "Vote for me! Vote for me!" I asked what for, and everyone said it was for the prom. And I kept asking myself, "What prom?"

There isn't going to be a prom anytime soon. As I told people, it's just a part of the system left over from last spring. The same thing happened last year with the Hauntington house -- it got left up all year. And I would point out that no prom had been announced in the Times or on the entrance page, and things like proms always are. But would you believe that people still told me I was wrong? I mean, I couldn't have any I idea what I was talking about, could I?

Some people realized I was right, but others were still declaring, "You're wrong, I'll prove it!" and then saying, "Look at the Sportplatz." Yeah, I see that. But wouldn't it be called Prom 2003?

See, I've been around Whyville for a lot longer than most citizens nowadays. I joined in the summer of 2001 and I've seen my fair share of city events (Prom, parties, clam showers, two Hauntington Houses and I met superid (a.k.a. Jim Bower, founder of Whyville) in Regina in the summer). But "younger" generations always think they're right. The people who come after us will try and pave a new path, although their elders will have found the right way, long ago. Why would we listen to someone who might know what they're talking about?

Anyway, I am going to continue submitting articles to the Times, once again, if anyone cares to read them. I know that sometimes, no one wants to listen.

Until next time,



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