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A New Year Equipped with Whyville Cheer

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New Year Equipped with Whyville Cheer

Times Writer

It is official. We all are putting on our party hats and eating chex-mix instead of 'Trolling the Yuletide Carol' and instead of 'Decking the Halls'; we are watching the ball drop announcing the arrival of a new and fresh year. While the year 2002 is fading into the distance, 2003 comes around the corner, bringing with it new hopes, aspirations, and dreams.

As if. We all make commitments for the new year that eventually get thrown aside like an old roll of toilet paper. My friend always makes the same goal of being nicer to her siblings, but eventually gives in to temptation. The neighbor down the street tries to lose weight,but who can resist a big plate of brownies or a trip to the local fast food joint? Those resolutions may not be successful, but at least it is the thought behind them that counts. Right? After all, we are human beings, mistakes and all.

It is ironic how every year seems to fly by quickly, and yet you think that once it starts, it will be slow and steady. Whyville has had its own experiences that have probably made this year one of the most successful and memorable. The year was one filled with new game challenges such as the Why-Pox Epidemic and the GeoDig Game, which brought forth more hands-on experience and much more involvement from citizens and pride in one's own salary. It was also filled with parties and celebrations like the Masquerade Ball, Prom 2002, and the Halloween celebration held at Dr. Leila's and the Hauntington House.

The summer of 2002 was the introduction of the Whyville Beach and the Ability First Recreational Center was added not too long ago, and still under construction with new ideas bursting at the seams. Cyber snow arrived and melted into the spring, and after Christmas it arrived once again. Whyville was announced on CNN news and was the topic of an article by the LA Times.

Whyville is home to approximately 320,000 individuals, from newbies to oldbies, young and old. In the past few years of Whyville's existence, this town has grown and shaped the lives of many young people. For some, it has become like a second home and many say that they do not know what they would do if the cheery gates of Whyville were ever to close.

Here is to a wonderful New Year. May 2003 be as joyous as a time as the past years, and may we try to better ourselves through our encounters, actions, and mistakes.

Happy New Year to all,




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