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Solstice Experience

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Solstice Experience

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I would be one to say that I have experienced a lot on Whyville, and have taken part in many activities, events, and challenges. However, out of all my time here, I have never competed in the Solstice Safari. The Winter 2003 expedition marked the first time I gathered with a team and learned more about teamwork, dedication, and, of course, the Solstice. However, my first encounter had to be one of the most challenging and possibly rewarding experiences of my citizenship.

When I first signed up for a team, I admit I was late in doing so. All of the teams were taken, so I settled with a team where I was oblivious about the people on it -- I knew none of them! This could possibly be a beneficial thing if you hope to meet and befriend new people. However, in my circumstance, it became tricky. After a few days, when people began shifting teams and new spots arose, I settled myself into a team with two exceptional friends of mine. Satisfied, I began working.

At this point, I ran into another large obstacle. My hometown would not set properly, so I could not work my way through the challenges! It confused me because it was not happening to very many people, but others explained that it had occurred to them in previous years and they contacted City Management. So I immediately contacted City Management because I knew they would be able to resolve my dilemma, and of course, they were extremely helpful.

In the mean time, I was having troubles with my team. Everyone had made it as far as they could go without further notice from Kiki (who runs the travel agency) except me, who was still stuck on Spot 1. They questioned whether I had any motivation or team spirit, or if I was just along for the ride. Some were unaware that I had computer problems, so I posted a notice on our team's BBS. Eventually, things calmed down, my hometown was set for me, and I was able to trudge along.

Being a newcomer, I had no say in our team name or leader. However, I found out that our team was originally tiny and had grown as individuals began to move from team to team, searching for one they felt comfortable with. Our team name was "Top Quality Adventurers".

Finally, I made it to the same Spot as my team members in one day, after my data was collected and the information I needed to locate was obtained. However, I can honestly say that I am glad our team had some bickering. I know that may seem harsh, but I believe that it was profitable in the end. When new people joined our team, we all were eager to help and assist them, reflecting back on past experiences. Being on a team is not always peaches and creme; it is a challenge. It is supposed to be, and a team grows stronger after they are able to make amends despite slight disagreements.

Overall, I can say that my first Solstice has been an enjoyable one, mostly because my fellow team members worked hard, chipped in, and made the experience memorable. No one was cut from the team and everyone worked hard, posting new BBS notices and responding to old ones. Although the top teams have not been announced yet, and we have not finished the entire Solstice, we feel confident.

If you have never had to opportunity to join the Summer or Winter Solstices yourself, I suggest you do so. Not only does it help increase you daily salary and awards extra clam bonuses, it is fun, educational, and rewarding.

Wishing all the teams best of luck as we approach the time to complete the Solstice...

I Hear Noises,




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