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Everything You Want

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Everything You Want

Whyville Poet
Today I'm going to write a poem
About a very rich Whyvillian.
She lived in Whyville and started off small
But now she can afford anything.

She used to have a newbie face
And she did not know how to save
Her clams that she only earned
About 10 clams a day.

As she realized she could draw
On the computer too,
She started making face parts
To sell to me and you.

Soon she proudly had 50 clams
Not knowing that was still poor.
So then she played a few fames
And knocked on Grandma's door.

As she grew better at making parts
She had a lot of money!
Then raised to 200, 300, 350!
She got this by selling a bunny!

A long while later, in about 2 years
She had 10,000 clams to spend.
But what on? She didn't know.
The fun was beginning to end.

She didn't need to save up.
She had more than enough.
So she started buying things
And donating all her old stuff.

She still had too much for herself.
She felt too selfish saying NO!
To all those poor newbies
Who didn't know where to go.

The point of this poem
Is important and rare.
That if you have too much for yourself,
Then go ahead and share!

Life is no fun when you have everything you want.
There is no more to look forward to.
You can't get anything else
Because everything is already with you.

The reason why I know all this
Is very easy to see.
Because this girl I'm writing about
Just happens to be me.




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