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Lead, Don't Follow

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Lead, Don't Follow

Guest Writer

This is skaterone, and I wanna talk to you about (how do I put this?) following or making trends. Here it goes.

My school was BIG on Whyville. I'm talking, everyone who had internet was on it. If you weren't and you did have internet, you were considered well, a loser. But soon Whyville was old news and people "quit" and went on to other websites. I personally think it was the idea of Why-Passes that kinda made them think City Hall was trying to rip us off, but that wasn't true. I have to tell the total truth, because I quit, too, for a while. I thought, if my friends aren't going on, why should I be the odd one out?? But I was wrong. Quitting Whyville because your friends do isn't right.

After some weeks I made it official. I was quitting completely. It made me sad, but I didn't wanna be the odd one out, so I did what I thought I had to, to remain popular. After a while, I had tried many many websites and none that ever brought as much joy to me as Whyville did (is this corny or what? but it is the truth!).

One day I tried to get back on... and boom, I was in! Next thing you know, I was going on Whyville more and more often and it was fun and it brought back memories (corny!!)... and then it was time to go back to school and people made fun of me. They called me out of style and everything.

I was mad at Whyville for making me feel mad cause of these other kids. If you will believe it, I quit again, not wanting to for the second time, but I did. What was I supposed to do?? Basically, I think I did what most people would have done, run from it. And it was still wrong. Even though people stopped calling me out of style, I was sad. I really had good friends on Whyville, friends that are halfway across the world. Again I tried to find new websites as good as Whyville, but again it didn't work. I found good websites, but none like Whyville.

I was happy once a friend that hadn't quit (secretly, after seeing how the other kids treated me) reassured me that it was still fun, even though the others weren't going on. After school one day, after the volleyball game, I went on. I was really happy this time, knowing that if I quit, it wouldn't be because of the way the others treated me.

I hope all of you have learned, as I did, that even if your friends "quit", it doesn't mean you have to. You don't always have to be a follower. Be a leader. I learned that the hard way. :( But I'm happy I did. :)

Peace out,



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