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These listings cover television programs up to Thursday, January 23th.

Greetings, TV viewers!

This coming week's Show-of-the-Week is about animals -- specifically, those that are tortured and abused, and the people who, for better or worse, try to help them. They're called PETA, and a lot of folks have strong opinions about their organization. Watch the CNN news show on Sunday the 19th at 4pm ET and 1pm PT, then bring your opinions to the MediaHour on Wednesday.

Want some clams? Watch the shows-of-the-week, then talk about them with me and other citizens (including other city workers, if they're available) in the House of Illusions Geek Speak. We usually meet on Wednesdays at 6:30pm Whyville Time.

If you come and really take part in the meeting, you'll get up to 50 clams from City Hall... you like that?

To sum up: tune to the show, show up to the chat, chat up your thoughts, and know you get clams!

You're also welcome to email me what you and your parents think -- you can get clams for that, too. Email me, the MediaWiz of Whyville!

And now... the Media Menu!

Thursday, January 16

"Cosmic Journey: The Voyager Interstellar Mission And Message" (A&E, 9-11 pm E/P) This is a documentary about the longest voyage in human history. It began in 1977 with the launch of NASA's Voyager I and II unmanned space probes. Their dual mission was, first, to explore and send back digital information about the outer solar system and its vast collection of moons. And, second, to proceed forever, yes forever, through interstellar space bearing a cargo of images, music and greetings from our home planet to the extra-terrestrials which might be encountered -- even if it took a billion years to reach them. Lots on info which Voyager found is at http://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov.

Friday, January 17

"NOW with Bill Moyers" (PBS, 9-10 pm E/P) This weekly news commentary magazine looks into whether the information superhighway make public libraries a thing of the past. These libraries embody the ideal that anybody can read, watch or listen to just about anything they want to. With publications and broadcasting delivered free by the Internet directly to homes, is the information revolution making libraries obsolete? Another issue: as more people can access this content, the copyright owners-in many cases large corporate publishing entities-are looking for ways to charge fees. A growing chorus of lawyers, librarians, and educators fear the implications of losing free access to information for everyone.

"Dateline NBC" (NBC, 9-10 pm E/P) The main story in this newsmagazine is about what can happen to you and your family when you move out of one house and into another. The title of the report gives a clue, "Where's My Stuff". Consumers no longer rely only on traditional companies that advertise in the phone book. Increasingly, they're turning to the Internet for good deals. While many moving companies in this industry are honest, others are taking consumers -- and all of their belongings -- for a ride. Using hidden cameras, Victoria Corderi reports.

Saturday, January 18

"Nobel Peace Concert 2002" (A&E Network -1-3 pm E/P) Artists from around the world perform in a 2-hour musical tribute to Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States and 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Hosted by Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange, the show features performances by Carlos Santana, Michelle Branch, Willie Nelson, Jennifer Lopez, Angelique Kidjoe, Josh Groban, and others.

"Deadly Crossings: American Intersections" (Discovery Channel, 8-9 pm E/P) This is documentary about the science of traffic. Of the 600 million vehicles worldwide, half are in the United States. These cars, combined with driver aggression, road design, and human error equal deadly intersections -- and traffic engineers reveal some lethal design flaws.

Sunday, January 19

"Next@CNN" (CNN, 4-4:30 pm ET 1-1:30 pm PT) The main story in this science news report is about PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Watch the news show and compare it to the PETA's website for kids http://www.peta.org/kids/index.html. It has a strong vegetarian emphasis, including a big ad for a vegetarian Burger King sandwich.

Monday, January 20

"Lifestories: Families In Crisis: Brotherly Love: The Trevor Ferrell Story" (HBO, 4-4:30 pm E/P) In this family-oriented short movie based on the true story of a Philadelphia teenager, Trevor Ferrell , who always thought homelessness was someone else's problem. Then an encounter with a homeless man changed his attitudes forever -- and led to his launching a campaign to feed and clothe the homeless in the City of Brotherly Love. Rated TV-Y7. There's a website about Trevor here: http://www.trevorscampaign.org/background.html.

"TR: An American Lion" (History Channel, 9-11pm E/P) This is part 1 of an energetic new documentary miniseries about a type of leader we don't seem to have any more. Theodore Roosevelt. was kind of a superman. In the program you'll see a young TR overcome debilitating asthma through a strict regimen of athletic training, witness his Western adventures, rise as New York City Police Commissioner, heroics in the Spanish-American War, and selection as Vice President. By that time he had written dozens of books on science and won the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery in combat. With the assassination of President McKinley, 42-year-old TR became the youngest U.S. President. While in office he won the Nobel Peace Prize. That was 100 years ago. At the beginning of this documentary film, President George W. Bush provides an introduction. Actor Richard Dreyfuss is heard as the voice of TR. Part 2 airs Tuesday, January 21 from 9-11 pm E/P. There's an accompanying website with a good summary of the main events in TR's life. http://www.historychannel.com/tr/interface.html.

"P.O.V. Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin" (PBS, 10-11:30 pm E/P) This biographical documentary, airing today in observance of Martin Luther King Day, profiles Bayard Rustin, one of Dr. King's principal aides. Rustin's achievements are many, including the organization of the 1963 March on Washington, but his impact on the Civil Rights movement went un-reported at the time. At the companion website for the program site, http://pbs.org/pov/brotheroutsider, take a look at how a U.S. federal holiday is created and the events surrounding the making of this holiday.

Tuesday, January 21

"School Ties" (HBO 5:30-7:30 pm E/P) This is a movie about prejudice. The main character, David, fits right in at the exclusive New England prep school he attends on a football scholarship. He's handsome, popular, intelligent and is unstoppable on the field. But how popular would he be if his snobbish friends knew that he's Jewish? Brendan Fraser plays David in this thoughtful look at anti-Semitism in the '50s. Cast also includes Matt Damon Chris O'Donnell and Amy Locane. Rated PG-13 for adult language and brief nudity.

"Biography: Jane Seymour -- Hollywood's English Rose" (A&E Network, 8-9 pm E/P) This is a documentary profile of the popular film and television star, perhaps best known for her role as the heroic frontier doctor in "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman". Her career also includes writing books and clothing design. In addition to interviews with Ms. Seymour, her children and other relatives, we talk to Christopher Reeve and Tom Selleck, and review clips from "Live and Let Die", "Somewhere in Time", and "Dr. Quinn".

Wednesday, January 22

"World Of Wild Discovery: Pygmy Animals" (Discovery Channel, 5-6 pm E/P) This natural history documentary explains why miniature or "pygmy" versions of many species have evolved. Pygmy bats are the size of a thumbnail. Even the great sperm whale exists in miniature. As giant species die out, perhaps the pygmies will inherit the earth.

Thursday, January 23

"Wild Discovery: Hippo Talk" (Discovery Channel, 6-7 pm E/P) This documentary debunks the stereotype of hippo life as just lounging around eating in a simple environment. In reality, they have a complex physiology and social life and a communication system similar to that of dolphins and whales.


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