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Body Image

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Body Image

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I'm going to see Harry Potter on opening night! Talk about a party! *Muah ha ha ha Muah ha ha ha... *cough, cough*. Okay, I've consumed some sugar... (mmm, sugar), but I wanted to talk about Media Image today in my first article about weight. This can be a pretty serious subject for some people.

Often, we associate female models with being tall and skinny (and many times blonde). And more times then not we think skinny equals anorexic. Come on, you know that's what they teach you in school! They make you think that all models are anorexic and so it's impossible to be healthy and achieve such a look. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

You've obviously not met my best friend. Typical breakfast for her: 3 pieces of toast, 2 or three bowls of cereal, a fruit and a couple of glasses of juice. Gotta be obese, right? Wrong! She's naturally tall (I have to look up to see her aunt, seriously!), but she's SO skinny. I josh you not! (Hey, by the way, that's my latest word, "josh"!)

Educators often tell us that we have a right to ask for natural looking girls in our magazines. Many people assume that being "natural" means you have pudge. While it's wrong to be anorexic, being obese can cause severe health problems. If you eat properly, and exercise right, then you're probably just fine!

Models are people, too, by the way! I know several models (ok, well, like three...) and none of them are anorexic! It's a stereotype! It's kind of like saying that all Muslims are bad people! That's just not right.

Anyway, I'm off to work on my incredibly difficult puzzle! (If anyone knows the name of a good puzzle solver and would like to save me from the time-consuming task, you can let me know!) (Just joshing ya!)

With luv, as always,

P.S. I hope to write a couple more articles on body image. You always hear about how the media portrays women, but what about men? And do you know what sugar and caffeine can do to your body? It's really surprising!



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