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Why We Don't Have Legs

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Why We Don't Have Legs

Whyville Storyteller

Hi, it's HnyBnch again... LOL. I am here to tell you why we don't have feet and legs. Read on:

I woke up early one afternoon, years ago, and back then I had legs and feet! I know its hard to believe, but its true! We'd all go to the pool party and well, party. Everyone always danced back then. Then, a girl came in with no legs. Everyone stopped to stare. This was her story:

Everyday her and her friends went to the disco to dance. They danced from sunrise to sunset. No one ever thought of dancing over twelve hours straight! She proceeded to tell us that after a few days her legs and feet got tired, but she kept dancing. Soon her friends complained of cramps and other stuff, but they kept dancing. The next morning, all of their feet went numb, and they had crippling cramps in their legs. It would not go away. But they kept dancing -- hey, Whyville wasn't the same without dancing!

A few days later, when this girl typed dance moonwalk, her legs disappeared! When her friends came in, she tried to warn them, but it was too late. They typed "dance lillarry" "dance circle" "dance moonwalk" and others! And every single foot and leg disappeared.

Months later the pool party dancers began loosing their feet and legs. Since these people didn't dance as much as the girls, their lower bodies disappeared at a slower rate. Makes sense! Well, City Hall and the workers saw this ongoing problem, and the Whyvillians were going into a state of panic! They could not do their favorite Whyville pasttime!

This was not the only way Whyvillians lost their feet. Five hundred citizens lost their toes and feet from the monster in the pool at the pool party (back then, it didn't have a name).

City Hall and the workers fixed this problem ASAP. One, they forbade the making of legs and feet at Akbar's, and changed dancing to the motions we see today, not the fast-moving feet and leg dances of the past. Two, in case the monster in the Pool decided to taste tummies, they banished it. As we know, it has escaped, but they put Bessy/George there to watch the swimmers just in case. Bessy/George had two heads back then!

Thanks for liste... I mean, reading my story!




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