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Opening My Pack of Pictures

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Opening My Pack of Pictures

Whyville Photographer

Today as I got my pictures of Whyville from the developer I noticed that one picture had turned out wrong:




All the people had turned out with black skin and green hair. it was like a disease.

Next, I found its double and that one looked fine.

The people were all normal. The only problem was one mistake. Whoever first finds the mistake in the second picture and Y-mails me, Hermionez, with the answer will win a prize. The first person will win a face part worth 15 clams or less. The second person will win a face part of 10 clams or less. The third person will win a face part of 5 clams or less. If the Editor lets me, I will try to announce the winners and the mistake in a future article.

Finally, I am really getting tired of my picture developers screwing up. First they turned the people green and black. Now, they cut off the top of the picture and made one more mistake.

Whoever can tell me what the mistake is will win a prize. The first person to tell me will get 10 clams. The second will get 7 clams. The third will get 5 clams.



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