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Prejudice and Humility

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Prejudice and Humility

Guest Writer

My best friend on Whyville wrote an article, so, of course, being her friend, I read it, right? Right. She wrote an article about diabetes. She had said something to me about having diabetes before, when we first met at the Square, but I never realized how, well, humble she was about it.

After I read her article, of course I questioned her about it, and she said, "Don't feel bad for me." Then I had questioned her why, because it just didn't make sense! She said, "Instead of why me, why not me?" I was amazed at her answer. My mind went racing, thinking of what to reply. This may just be the internet, but I couldn't resist -- I just sat there, my little face on the screen, silent. Then I came up with an answer, and she stood silent for a few minutes: "How can you be so humble?" I asked. We stood silent, as if we were staring at each other, in real life, our minds chasing after the question.

"What do you mean?" she replied. I was shocked. "What do you mean?" I thought, and answered, "How do you, well, go through this, and just simply reply, why not me?"

I still haven't figured this out, but I sure hope it will all come to me. Never in my life have I met someone so humble.

Just the haven't day at the beach, they're were a few black girls and guys, and since there's nothing wrong with it, a few people (including myself), were talking to them, and someone entered the chat room and typed in: "*SCREAMS HER LUNGS OUT*". She then said, following the ''what's'' and ''what's up with you's" from everybody else, "What is wrong with you people?? Hanging out with black niggers!!"

I was shocked. The beach was crowded with people, and everyone stopped talking to everyone else, with no more thought-balloons anywhere. Finally, someone spoke up and said, "Excuse me??" and she replied, "What is wrong with you?? This isn't the 60's, it's 2002!!, Prejudism is practically over with!" and all of a sudden, all the black people got vaporized, and it was so obvious who did it, and then everybody left. We were all so offended, we couldn't stand it any longer.

The purpose of these stories was to show people how different the world may be all at once.




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