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Reuse and Recycle the Times II

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Reuse and Recycle the Times II

Times Writer

One of my favourite things to do is check out the archives section of the Whyville Times. And because I have found several wonderful and well-written articles from old issues, I have created a new series for the Times. It is titled "Reuse and Recycle the Whyville Times". Back in October, I began with the 1st article in the series. It was devoted to aiding children and teenagers and included articles written on topics such as depression, anorexia, and cutting. This week is a little different...

Almost every citizen should know what an oldie is. You could define an oldie as someone who has been a member of Whyville for a long period of time. These citizens have watched Whyville mature and expand from close to day one. They have put forth their knowledge and expertise to make Whyville a more enjoyable atmosphere for others.

Many older Whyvillians have written for the Whyville Times. They give a much different perspective than some of the writers today. You could say, they are expert historians. Take my good friend, Amanda. She has been a member of Whyville since October 16, 1999. In her first article, titled Whyvillian Views", she acted as a Guest Columnist, getting different viewpoints and opinions on why people enjoy Whyville. One of my favourite articles that Amanda wrote was called What's in Whyville?, where she explored the different activities and clubs that Whyville has to offer.

Googles isn't just a great designer, she also has written several articles for the Times and is still creating today. Googles has been a Whyville citizen since July 19, 2000. You can observe, from her, what 2 years can do... but it hasn't always been peaches and cream for her. I must admit that the first mention of Googles in the Whyville Times was a little... extraordinary. You can see for yourself in the article Announcements & Advertisements. We do know from this that she was previously married on Whyville. One of Google's most memorable moments (in my perspective) was her organization of Operation Oprah. Not to mention her articles titled You Know You're an Oldie If... and Y-Disorder which add a touch of humour to our weekly newspaper.

Etrnl * has been a member of Whyville since January 21, 2000. However, she hasn't visited Whyville in over 430 days. Before her departure, she ran her own store and wrote for the Whyville Times. Some of her pest pieces of literature are her "The Last Frontier" series that begins with the Sun and ends with "the rest". I must admit that her articles are very eccentric and interesting. (FYI, her articles also include extra pictures and graphics.) When I read her article, What We Want!, I was impressed by her creativity and organizational skills. This article comes quipped with pictures and images to explain her ideas. Some of her inventions include a virtual pet, a beach (which we now have), a bank, a mall (which we also now have), a restaurant (coming soon, we're told...), and a church. No doubt was she a talented person; she was also an idea-machine, coming up with new face parts and articles for Whyville all the time.

Although these are only 3 of the old Whyvillians I have mentioned, there are many more that have served Whyville in one way or another. Some more oldies to check out in the archives section are: Vanilla, Spazchick, and Sari, who each have submitted many articles for the Whyville Times. If I spent time talking about each individual then I would be writing for quite some time... and neither I nor you (the reader) would really want that. Watch for my 3rd addition to this series, hopefully coming out soon. Until then, enjoy yourselves.




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