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Count the Stereotypes

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Count the Stereotypes

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Newbies and Oldies/oldbies... just another stereotype.

This is Chad142, pondering on the ever so popular two stereotypes on Whyville. If you haven't noticed them yet, I'm referring to newbies and oldbies. Do you see them as different people? It's not like we're in the army! We don't need ranks. So what if you've on Whyville a little while longer?

Not to disrespect oldbies, but I've seen a few that come down on newbies pretty harshly, and with all the respect you guys want, you or some of you sure don't deserve it. There are some oldbies that are very nice and offer guidance to newbies. Still, I can see how sometimes newbies can be super annoying... but I'm not taking sides, because in many cases, both are in the wrong.

I've noticed many stereotypes in Whyville, some the same as in real life. Punk, prep, black, white -- all stereotypes. Stereotypes don't always cause harm, of course. I love being called a punk, because that's what I am and I have nothing to be ashamed of. However, some can be very harmful... but that gets into racism, and I would stray too much from the topic at hand.

With all of the stereotypes today, why do we need one or two more? Olbies, newbies, they're both citizens of Whyville, they're both people. I look at everyone not as a newbie/oldbie, but as an equal, as a citizen of Whyville, and that is how I think everyone should be treated.

"Treat others as you would like to be treated," is how the saying goes... and that can mean a lot of things. One of which is very relevant to this article.

In the words of Bigfoot, "Stay crazy, Have fun, Be excellent to each other!"



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