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Fight the Chocolate Giants

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Fight the Chocolate Giants

Guest Writer

Rally to the cause: why we should fight back against the chocolate giants.

It seems all I ever do is complain, but yes, I'm going to do it again. But today, I'm going to be serious. Really serious. I'm going to tell you about deaths, but with a difference. Do you ever imagine yourself as a killer? Thought not. Well, the difference with these deaths is that they could be caused by you. Yes, you at the back there, munching your KitKat. You.

Are you wondering what I'm talking about? I'm 99.9% sure you are. So I'll put you out of your misery by telling you. Here's something to chew on: By handing over the money for a Nestle chocolate bar, you are likely to be contributing to the death of a child. You are funding Nestle's baby milk market, which kills thousands of people in underdeveloped countries every year.

You may think that Nestle only produces chocolate and cereal products, but you'd be wrong. They also produce baby milk. This milk is sent off to places like Africa, and given free to hospitals. No problem so far. However, once the children being fed with this milk leave the hospital after being born, it is no longer free, and as they have become dependant on it, the family is forced to buy it at a very expensive price, taking up a large amount of their income. Then, the water the milk product is mixed with is very often contaminated, as the people using it do not have the resources to purify the water. As a result of this, the baby drinking the milk dies.

I have stood in front of people and told them what I'm telling you now, and their response has been along the lines of, 'Well who cares if people are dying, if Nestle make good chocolate?' Well personally, I find that sad and a little disturbing. The people I tell argue that It's the hospital's fault for accepting the milk, and that Nestle can't help that the water is contaminated. I answer that they should bear in mind that the places where the milk is sold are poor and underdeveloped, so they have little choice. And that Nestle knows people are dying, but do they stop? No!

Still not convinced? What if I tell you that Nestle is actually breaking a World Health Orginization code on the marketing of baby milk? You tell me if that's right.

I'm sorry to be ranting like this at you if you DO boycott Nestle, but it has to be said by someone! Don't stay silent if you believe in an issue of this nature as strongly as I do. However, if you've got an argument against the boycott, I'd like to hear your views, so please y- mail me. Thanks!

Remember, you are what you eat.



Editor's Note: I tried to write back to request that Ybird send her references for this article, but it seems she never got it. These are very, very serious accusations, and as much as I respect every Whyville citizen, it requires more evidence than her say-so to make me boycott my chocolate! Folks, if you know more about this matter, write in to the Times and give us proof, either way.



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