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Some People Are Ungrateful

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Some People Are Ungrateful

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Today a friend of mine asked me to sign a petition. Sometimes I sign the petition, and sometimes I don't if I know it's not a good idea. I hadn't signed a petition in a while, and I just decided to go try to find it. When I saw what was in those boxes, I was shocked. The poll both was filled with one or two good ideas, but mostly Christmas stuff, a dating service, or "get a higher salary for free" complaints.

There were some good ideas, like a friend tracker system. The only downside of that is that your friends might not want you to stalk them on Whyville, even if it isn't that dangerous. If it were set so that I would have control over who can track me, it would be okay, in my opinion.

The Christmas things were mainly by people asking for more places to chat. I would think that you would be lucky enough to have Whyville at all, so why do you have to ask for more? I think people can be very greedy and un-thankful! (I'm writing this the day before Thanksgiving, so think about it, you should be ashamed!)

A dating service?? I think that people can be insane sometimes! That is really bad that people want to find someone of the opposite gender to be a girlfriend or boyfriend to without even knowing them. Who knows how dangerous that person could be? The person the service gives you could be a mean, greedy person that'll ask you for clams, or worse! I'd be amazed if the person you get stuck with even lives up to what he said he was! Things like these are very unsafe, in Whyville and real life!

Oh, and a higher salary for nothing. Hm. Maybe some of you guys figured this out already, but Whyville is a learning community. You come here to learn things and make new friends, not make a face that you don't deserve! Oldbies like and unlike me worked hard to get their salaries -- I know I did -- and they are very popular and wealthy because of it.

I hope you learned something! Whyville is not to be taken for granted. It is a privilege to have Whyville -- it's not a right. Some of you people in front of your screen deserve Whyville, and some of you don't. You guys know if you are grateful enough to have Whyville grace you with its presence. You're good citizens. You behave respectfully, and you deserve respect. I know that it seems like everyone should get a piece of our fair village, but not if you act like your a mean, greedy person.

I don't mean to complain, but you know what I'm talking about.

This is Positive,
Saying good luck with life.



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