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Waiting, Waiting... Hoping!

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Waiting, Waiting... Hoping!

Guest Writer

Hey, this is Jill20. I love Whyville, and I love the Whyville Times almost as much as I love Whyville! You see, every day I check it to see if it has been updated with new articles. I have written articles months and months ago that just got in the Times! Why? Well, I am sure it takes a long time to sort through all the articles submitted each day, but still, does it take months?

But don't worry, I am not only writing this article to complain, but I have thought of a solution! I think Whyville should compile a group of Whyville Times Writers (like TIKE, Giggler01, SmileNOW; I wish I was a famous writer, boo hoo!), and have them be on a committee. They can then (if they want) sort through articles written and help the Editor. Maybe it will be possible. I know it seems like a long stretch, but maybe we can have articles written get in the Times in less than a month!

This is Jill20, waiting, waiting, waiting...


Editor's Note: Now that would be a dream come true! :-) Some day, Jill20, I hope to see citizen editors helping me out, absolutely. Indeed, I've challenged City Hall to an arm-wrestling match -- if I win, she promises to redesign the Times submission and editing system this new year. If she wins, I've got to let the City Workers play "Editor for a week" -- each one of them, from Grandma to Bob to superid himself!

Cross your fingers for me...



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