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To Be Different

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To Be Different

unknown author
Whyville Poet
Many people think me crazy
That I don't know what I say
But if I know not what it means
Why do I say it every day

"There goes that girl," they say
As they point and stare
Ridicule the way I look
And how I wear my hair

So I'm not in with the style
And what goes on my feet
I drive an old Corvette
With flames on my car seat

You all look the same
I can't tell you apart
By the way that you act
It seems like you have no heart

You think I look different
You think different is wrong
Well, this is how I am
And this is how I belong

I don't care what you think of me
I'm not part of the crowd
And when you're making fun of me
You only make me proud



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