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After They Have Gone...

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After They Have Gone...

Whyville Poet
Hi all. First I want to introduce myself to you all. Lately I have been reading the poem section and thought, well, what the heck? Might as well write my poems in, too! I have already had three of my poems published in books, and lately I wrote another one in to get it published, hopefully (*fingers crossed*).

Pretty recently my best friend in real life has been a little upset because about two days ago it was exactly a year since her Gran died, so I wrote this for her -- enjoy.

After they have gone...

An unbearable thought of death comes to mind
when someone gets ill, and there's no cure they can find
when they doctor says I'm sorry and leads you to a room
when the end of their life could come any time soon

When the person you loved has suddenly gone
when the weight of the world feels like a couple of tonnes
when all you can do is grieve and feel sad
when you shout at someone and feel really bad

When your friends go out and you always say no
when you should be feeling good, but you're feeling pretty low
when the world gets too much and you feel you can't cope
when all you can do is sulk and mope

Try to smile and try to feel good
your loved ones would approve, they really would
don't say no and try to say yes
you will suddenly feel upset less

The pain won't go and never will
but try to remember before they got ill
remember the good times and treasure them dear
look on the bright side, there's nothing to fear

When someone has gone, it's not all that bad
try to be happy and not feel too sad

By Tranner

P.S. My sympathy is with everyone who has had a loved one suddenly pass.



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