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One Day

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One Day

unknown author
Whyville Poet
One day you'll look into my eyes, the way I looked into yours.

One day you'll want to be with me, like I wanted to be with you.

One day you'll be longing to kiss me, like I wanted to kiss you.

One day you will ask to hold my hand, like I asked to hold yours.

One day I'll laugh at you, like you laughed at me.

One day I'll turn you down, like you did to me.

One day you'll come to me, like I came to you.

I can feel the anger building up, but I must stay strong.

When you ask me to be yours, I'll hurt you the way you hurt me.

Because when that one day comes, I'll never be the same.

I could never love you the way I did.

One day when you want to love me, I won't love you back.

But until that day comes, I will continue to hurt


(This never happened to me, I'm just feeling creative.)



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