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What Will Happen

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What Will Happen

Guest Writer

Hey Whyville, BeeZD here once again. This article is nothing funny; it's serious. Now, I know you have read just about, let me see, about a DOZEN articles on not telling people your personal info, like your password or anything, not even your friends! Well, let me be honest -- I have told my friends my passwords, and yes, I HAVE learned from that! Let me tell you some things that will happen if you tell your friends, your closest friends, your password.

  • They will hack you and deny it
  • You will lose clams and face parts
  • You will get muted for something they did and not you
  • Your clams will go to waste on face parts that are no good
  • Your "friend" could then go around town and talk to people like your other friends and tell them that you hate them, or get you into some kind of fight that is not so easy to get out of.
  • Maybe the person will even try to get you banished!

Most of these things happened to me. None of my friends will admit to the crime, and when I asked all my friends who I gave my password to, asking them not to omit anything, they all say they didn't do it and they all act (or pretend) to be sorry for me.

You are probably thinking, "Change your password! Duh!!" Well, at first, I changed my password, but this hacker kept getting into my file. For a long while, I didn't think about changing my e-mail address that my password gets sent to. I just can't believe how STUPID I was to not do that in the first place -- call me lucky that I still have access to my account and my parental email address. I have changed the regular address in Whyville and there are no signs of a hacker yet. Let's just hope it stays that way!

I hope you have learned something here, because this is no joke. If you are hacked and get muted, lose clams, lose face parts, and get your clams wasted, you won't think it's so funny. But on the bright side, at least I didn't get banished, but that can happen, too, so always keep your password to yourself!

This is BeeZD, going to try and get into Whyville!
*clicks on log in*
Yay, I got on!
Chow, dudes and dudettes!

P.S. Stay safe!



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