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Are You Next?

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Are You Next?

Guest Writer

This is whygal00, writing on a topic called identity theft. If you have given out personal information to anyone, credit card numbers and more, you're the next contestant who wants to get your identity stolen.

Hey, did I scare you all? Hope not, because you need to keep a clear mind here. I watched a show yesterday about crooks on videotape, and this one topic really caught my eye. Identity theft. Yeah, that's right.

Identity theft means a lot of things: you can be doomed if you give out personal info. Credit card bills gone through the roof, you can get constantly in trouble with the law and more.

My point is, on Whyville DO NOT give out personal info whatsoever -- even giving out your pass means lots of trouble And if you commit this crime in real life, you can go to prison for half of your life. Do it in Whyville and your Whyville life may be over -- City Workers banish convicted hackers.

I'm just trying to keep you all safe from this horrible crime that can make you the victim. Be careful, and for the last time, do NOT give out any personal information, including your pass. It can mean the end of your life.

Well, gotta go write another article. So long and keep safe.

Whygal00 signs off *click**click*



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