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Best Friends

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Best Friends

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Hey everyone! It's HopeAngle here, and I'm going to write about something that hurt me very, very much.

One day, I was on Whyville, just hanging out at the Pool Party when someone said hi to me. I said hey back, then said, "Sorry, but do I know you?" and the person said, "Yeah! It's me, (and the name goes here, but I'm not going to say it)." This girl was my best friend for almost my whole life, really. We met when we were like 2!

We got to talking, and she asked me how much my salary was. I said it was 79. Then she started telling me to go look her up, so I did and her salary was 112!!! When I came back, she asked me if I saw how much her salary was, and I said yes. Then she said, "BRB". So I waited, and waited, and waited and she didn't come back, so I logged off.

The next day, I came on to find that she sent me a y-mail. It said:

    "Hey sup? do you want your salary raised as high as mine? you can trust me im your best friend!! just send me your password."

I re-read the letter and thought, hey, it would be nice if my salary was as high as that, but maybe I shouldn't do it that way, so I can actually learn more, and really earn more. But after a while, the temptation got too much and I changed my mind and sent her my password. She y-mailed me back telling me to log off and not come on for 2 days. It takes a long time to raise your salary that high, she said. I y-mailed her back, agreeing, and left Whyville.

On Saturday (only one day later), I got up early, and decided to just go on to see how she was doing. I ran to the computer and logged on to Whyville. I looked at my face... but something was different. My hair, lips, and eyes were gone. I just thought that they didn't load, so I went to change my face. When Pick Your Nose loaded, I had no face parts.

I panicked.

I went to see how much money I had (I was saving up, so I'd had about 10,000 clams at the time) and it was all gone.

Then I checked my mail. There was only one letter there, and it said:

    "HAHA LOSER! u shouldn't trust anyone! cuz they might take ALL your face parts like I did!!"

After that, I never talked to her again, or gave out my password to anyone, not even to my sister.

So there you have it, everyone. Don't give your password out to anyone! I know that City Hall has been saying that for forever. It was wrong of me to give my password out, and I regret it. Please, I don't want what happened to me to happen to you, okay? Okay.

Have a nice day. See ya!!



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