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Garage Sale Scam

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Garage Sale Scam

Guest Writer

Hi, shashi here!

I've been studying some scammers lately. I don't know if you're familiar with this, but I've seen some people using a scam that doesn't seem to be well known. Recently, I saw quite a few Whyvillians (I'm not going to name them), saying things like, "Going to Grandma's Garage Sale!!" Or, I'll see someone covered with face parts, saying, "Hey! Everything on me is FIFTY clams!" And these parts are long sold out, so it's really tempting. I asked one of these people how they got the parts, and they said, Grandma's!! I was shocked.

Firstly, if you're going to buy parts from somebody like that, make sure they put their parts for sale at the Trading Post. Otherwise, I promise you're going to lose your clams when you send them.

Secondly, we were all newbies before, and just imagine yourself being a newbie and seeing someone filthy rich, covered with clams, taking all of Grandma's face parts. You wouldn't have a start of a face, would you? Why can't we just leave the newbies alone?

Don't you remember when you were a newbie, and all the oldbies teased you or taunted you? I sure do. Or like one time, I saw a newbie asking the usual question, "Who's single?" That's the major question newbies ask. Well, I saw someone saying: "Psshhh!! Like anyone would even want to!!" Dating may be a lame way to start Whyville, but let's just LEAVE the newbies alone!!

This is shashi, signing off... *poof*



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