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How Whyville Was Created

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How Whyville Was Created

by Peeves
Whyville Storyteller

City Hall was out watching the stars one night when she saw a strange sight.

A UFO came crashing down next to her. She went over to it, and a door opened. Feeling brave she walked in. Three tall aliens stood up and aimed laser beams at her. The tallest one went to her and demanded, "You will come with us, earthling. We must get back to Mars to get weapons and demand your help!" Scared, City Hall agreed.

City Hall was also very smart. She knew that these were evil aliens trying to take over the world, and she misdirected them to Pluto. Once they landed they realized City Hall had tricked them. They punished her by beaming her off the ship to a small island to starve to death.

City Hall knew she had to do something! SHE DIDN'T WANT TO DIE!!! She had to warn the people about the aliens too. She had just slowed them down. Unless someone stopped them they would blow-up Earth!!!!! She got to work on a portal to get her off the island. When it was done she stepped inside and was transported back to civilization! She told people about the aliens' evil plans but they didn't belive her. She had to take matters into her own hands.

She went back into the portal bringing a vaporizer from her home with her. She waited there with some food she had brought and soon the aliens came back to make sure she was dead. When they landed their ship she attached the vaporizer to the ship and it vanished into smoke. *POOF* NO MORE EVIL ALIENS!!!

She became a hero and kids from all over the world started to visit her on her little island and build fun centers. Places to play and talk. This island became Whyville.



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