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Breaking 100!

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Hey Whyvillians! Zoey100 again!

Are you thinking it's impossible to make over a 100 clam salary? Well, it's not! I make 101 clams per day, I am proud to say. I worked long and hard for that salary, though. It took me over 1 year!

The truth is, though, that I didn't work so hard on the games for awhile. In June when there was the Regina Meeting, I went to the one on Whyville that took place in the Sportplatz. There I learned that only about 14 people had a salary of over 100 clams! That's what made me want to make the number grow and be a special one of those people.

I don't know who all of the people with 100+ salaries are, but I think they should be recognized for it! A few people I know are Rainbow44 (yup know her, LoL) googles (know her, too, LoL), Giggler01 (if you read the Times, you know her) and I know a few others.

I hope the Times Editor or City Hall could please put out the complete list. Maybe that list could be somewhere and when another person raises their salary that high, their name gets put on the list, too? But please here at least put the names of those who have made it so far! Thanks!



Editor's Note: This list has more than doubled since June! As of mid-December, the folks with 100+ salaries are, in order from when they first joined Whyville:

  • Leia
  • googles
  • bbdd
  • emma200
  • sugar66
  • javagirl
  • pokenorn
  • stewie
  • melodygal
  • Kerowyn
  • Chezelle
  • espirit
  • johncub
  • KeishaJ
  • got4u
  • girlyleo
  • Zoey100
  • Giggler01
  • dabomb7
  • JJgurl
  • ChinaDawl
  • Rainbow44
  • snowstorm
  • D3MoNiAc
  • Sonner
  • Shmee
  • blackbox
  • blink1828
  • wench
  • Piker
  • fairy2
  • Hottie783
  • Inocence
  • timbrland
  • ForMac69
  • 0dizzy69
  • deriko
  • bk25
  • Amare
  • AndManson


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