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The Last Frontier: Earth

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The world's last frontier is space, the most outer reaches known to man. Now, each week for 10 more weeks, I will report on something of interest from the realms of space.

by Etrnl *
Space Explorer

The Last Frontier: Earth

This week's topic is Earth, the third planet from the sun.

Earth, the only planet that can support life, is our home. Being 3rd from the sun, we seem to have just enough light for plants to grow, and life to keep living. We have food, water, and light to see. It seems that Earth is the perfect place to live.

But if Earth is so good, why do we get sunburns? Why do we have pollution? Why is there flooding? Most of this is caused by us, mankind.

Why do we have pollution? Us. We made pollution with factories, cars, and all the other machinery. We HAVE to control the pollution, or we will not be able to live on this planet any more! How can we control pollution? Car pool. Use the bus. Recycle. These are just some of the ways.

Why do we get sunburns? Part of it is pollution. Us. We have polluted the air so much that we have created a hole in the ozone layer. This makes the sun intense. Other reasons are that we just don't stay in the shade. It's good to be inside, or in the shade from around 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock. This is when the sun is most intense.

Why is there flooding? A major reason, especially nowadays, is progress. Progress is when cities grow, and more roads are paved. Progress is when trees have to be cut down to make more towns, and to make houses. The worst part is that the trees and the grass are what stop flooding. When we pave the grass and cut down trees, we remove the flood stoppers! But sometimes it's just natural erosion, or an excess of rain, or melting snow coming down the mountains.

Not all of the Earth is bad; you should know that. I have already mentioned that Earth is the only place we can live. It's the only place that supports plant and animal life. It's the only place, that we know of, that has water (although they think our moon ONCE had water... [Editor's Note: JPL geologists just took pictures that suggest that Mars once had tons of water! Where do you think it all might have gone?]).

    Take care of our Earth.
    Save the Earth, our precious mother,
    Save the Earth, our planet of Birth,
    Save the Earth, our preciouse mother,
    Oh, oh, Save the Earth, Our planet Earth.......
    (taken from the song "Save the Earth")

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