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Hey y'all, TiaGurl here. I was just on another website (couldn't get on Whyville), answering polls. I saw one that was titled, "What Do You Eat For Breakfast?" I was surprised to see that the total was this:

What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Cereal 29% - 6,671 votes
Fruit 5% - 1,102 votes
A full meal 4% - 1,018
Something toasted 12% - 2,806 votes
A breakfast bar 7% - 1,592
Nothing 44% - 10,156 votes
Total votes: 23,345

Look at how many people don't eat breakfast!

Dieting is just plain stupid.

Ppl, don't diet and always eat your breakfast.

I know someone who nearly died from dieting, so don't do it!

This is a website for girls ages 13-18. Most of them don't eat breakfast. It really emphasized to me that dieting is a real issue. I did some research and learned that a lot of teenage illnesses come from teenage dieting. I can tend to be a worrywart sometimes, but I think that that can be good. I worry about my friends when they start dieting, which isn't very often, but it still happens. So, if your friends decide to diet, just tell them, NO, they could real sick or even die!

Well, that's it,

*TiaGurl signing off* *going, going, gone* * comes back* forgot to send LoL! *gone*

Editor's Note: I think you'll find that most physicians would agree, a *healthy* diet is perfectly fine. Overdoing it is rarely, if ever, a good idea. So when your friends decide to diet, maybe you should tell them to talk to a doctor first!

Knowledge truly is power.


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