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Gender Blenderize

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Gender Blenderize

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Hello, Whyville. I am here to talk about an issue that affects Whyville a bit, but mostly comes up for us in real life. It is a gender issue, but one I'm pretty sure hasn't been in the Times before.

Have you ever noticed that girls who have more than one boyfriend and wear a lot of make-up are called "fast" and really mean words. They get judged a lot. I admit, I don't like to be friends with those kinds of people. I judge them, too.

But when a boy has tons of girlfriends and does a lot of stuff with them, he is often considered one of the popular boys. At least, this is true at my school. Other boys look up to him, and don't call him bad names. But when a girl does the same kind of things the boy does, she is alienated and looked down upon.

Is this fair? No! Personally, I look lowly upon both groups, but maybe I shouldn't even do that. When boys and girls do the same thing, the girls are the ones called really hurtful words. This has got to stop. It is just not fair at all.

Also, I know a girl who acts the way she does because of her home life. Her dad is really mean to her, and her mom is always trying to win her dad back, since they're divorced. This is not a good environment for anyone to be in. This girl doesn't get much attention from her dad, so she looks for attention in boys. She looks for the wrong kind of attention, too. And when this girl sees her mother who will do anything to win her husband back, she gets the wrong message. This girl is known to do anything with a boy that will make him not dump her.

So, please, don't judge boys and girls differently on this subject. And, if you can, try not to judge at all. You don't know what people's motives are to act these ways, but usually there is a reason.

Hope I helped,



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