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Protect Your Password!

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Protect Your Password!

by Chirk
Times Writer

Yo all you Whyvillians! We all have passwords. And none of them are the same as anyone else's. So we better keep them to ourselves! If your password got to some one, they could

    a) Spend all your hard earned clams.
    b) Buy stupid things.
    c) Ruin your rep, and get you into a lot of trouble.

So you see, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. I am not saying if your password gets out all of a sudden all your clams will be gone. Some people will be very honest, but others will be less merciful.

I know, because I and a friend (she shall be kept anonymous, but she knows who she is) are in quite a dilemma. Someone got her password and is sending inappropriate y-mails to me. I accused her, since they came with her name, but it wasn't her. That means someone is in my friend's account sending people y-mails that say things she doesn't mean.

We are currently trying to track this imposter down with no luck. It's very hard to find someone who is using your password.

But there is a solution! On the bottom of every Whyvillian's bus screen, there is the Info and Preferences option. Here is where you can change your password (and block out bad words). It is probably the best way to stop someone from using your account, as long it stays confidential.

Of course, that doesn't stop people from sending y-mails, so what I would do, is go to your address book, and make sure they are there, and just block them. You will never get mail from them again. You can also silence them in your address book, and you will never hear anything they say in chat again.

So here I am, and I've told you all I know as to how to protect your account and your mail.

This is Chirk, taking off...... for now!



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