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A Few Little Changes

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A Few Little Changes

by NetQueen
Guest Columnist

Hi! NetQueen here. I was taking a stroll around Whyville one day, and thought (no offence to CityHall) that Whyville was sort've old fashioned.

So what do I think we should do? I think we should change the bazzar to a mall, that still sells faceparts, bricks, etc, but it should also have a restaurant, or something else people could hang out at.

Also, maybe we could have pets at Whyville, that we could take around Whyville with us if we wanted to, or if we didn't, we could leave them at our Myville house. Also, we could go to our house and feed the pet, and then it wouldn't have to be fed for a month.

And maybe we could also...don't worry, I'm not going to talk about having to brush our Whyville hair when we get in to Whyville. I'm thinking that since it is almost summer, that we could have bikes, wagons, rollerskates, rollerblades, etc in Whyville. We could ride on and/or in them, depending on what you had.

Also, since there is a pool in Whyville, there could be a beach, inside or outside of Whyville. Then we could do all the stuff we can do at real beaches. Not just swimming and building sandcastles, (which I think we should be able to do in the beach at Whyville when it comes) but also windsurfing, boating, surfbording, etc. Maybe we could also hangglide in Whyville.

And why can't there be a City Hall building in Whyville that we could go in? Maybe we could have new games in the SpinLab. And if it rains in the spring snows in the winter(and maybe autumn), etc, why doesn't it in Whyville? It should sometimes show big puddles of rain, and snow. Maybe if you went in a puddle, you could splash someone.

And since some people think the Disco is boring, maybe something could be added to it. In the Sportplatz, there could be weekly soccer or football games. The playground could have more stuff in it, and the SunSpot, more places to hangout. Maybe when you get into the U.F.O over the SunSpot, maybe you could travel to different planets.

Well, that's it for now.

Your Loyal Reporter,


Editor's Note: We're working on getting City Hall ready for everybody! What do you think of the Auditorium?



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