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Hair Experiment #2

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Hey Whyville! I'm here to tell you about hair experiment number two! This one I'm not sure you'd be willing to try, but, oh well. I'll tell you anyway!

First, some background information: I have really wavy hair that I have tried and tried to straighten for years, and it never worked. Secondly, this week, including right now, I have been sick. I have a fever and a headache.

This discovery came to me on accident. You see, usually I take a shower every day, and about every other day I shampoo my hair. Whether I'm shampooing or not, I still take a shower. Well, being sick and all, I really didn't feel like taking one, so, I didn't. For three days.

I know that sounds disgusting, but keep in mind that all I did all day was watch movies and read, so I hadn't broke a sweat at all. Anyway, the third morning I woke up, and my hair was straight! Perfectly straight! The result I'd been trying to get for so long suddenly comes when my hair is dirty!

My mom asked her hairdresser about this, and the hairdresser said it had to do with getting your hair wet. She said getting your hair wet undoes everything, and brings your hair back to its natural way. So, my taking a shower everyday just made it curlier!

Now, I don't think I'll stop taking a shower every day for this, but I thought it was interesting!

Hope I helped,


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