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*Slurp* Mmm... smoothielicious!

Ever wonder what's in your food? Fats, Carbohydrates, all those billions of vitamins, and all that other stuff that we "need" but really don't KNOW exactly what it does... (well, some people do, but I'm not one of those).

It's me, QUISP with another splendourific article. Lots of people talk about the calories in food, how much fat is in it, and all that other stuff, but I don't think that's really what we should be worrying about. Fats and calories aren't all evil. Saturated fats ARE on the other hand, more evil than... well, than most things.

What really matters are all those other stuff we "need" (the vitamins, minerals and such). In our "modern" society, we tend to go for the things that are quick and easy to make -- I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but these aren't rich in nutrients, and they're usually high in fats and sugars. (We do need sugar and fat, but in moderate amounts.) We as children/teenagers usually have high metabolisms, and therefore don't need to watch our calorie intake nearly as much as adults do (it's great to create a habit of eating healthily now, though!)

Fruits and veggies are all RICH in minerals and vitamins (darker veggies tend to be better for you than, say, lettuce, LoL). That's why we're always told to eat veggies and fruit! (Beside the fact they taste good! [No, I'm not being sarcastic, LoL.])

That's pretty much all I have to say. Just try to cut down on the really processed foods (nutrients are lost in the manufacturing process), and tell your parents to try Sugar In The Raw(tm) as an alternative to your processed, bleached, white sugar! And remember to eat your veggies! (Yumm....)

Anyway, I'm out!


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