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Hi, my name is "N". I was born in 1988 in Valdosta, Georgia. I grew up just north of the hospital where I was born.

I would like to share my life story with you so maybe I can feel a little better. Really and truly with all my heart, I have to say that I have gone through a lot of times where I cry just because it's so hard to deal with all the problems that I have. Sometimes I just feel like I want to give up, but I stay strong and put up with everything.

I was born with allergies and asthma. When I was six years old, I was diagnosed with diabetes and it was found that I had kidney damage. At the age of seven years old, I had kidney surgery to repair some of the damage done by my diabetes. I had been misdiagnosed for most of my life. My first doctor should have found out that I was a diabetic when I was about eighteen months old. In August 2001, I got an insulin pump. It sure beats getting seven shots a day. I love all my new doctors; I mean, after all, if it wasn't for them, what would I be like?

Then something else happened that made my life seem small in comparison.

On Sept. 11, 2001, tragedy struck when the twin towers fell. Thousands of people died, but one was special to me. I found out that one of substitute teachers from my elementary school was in one of the Twin Towers. She was six months pregnant when she died.

I was very upset because I was close to her. She and her family were on vacation in New York. She was the only one who went to the Twin Towers that morning. I also knew someone at the Pentagon who was hurt in that tragedy; a beam fell on him and had him pinned down for a while. He is doing fine now.

I set goals in my life so that I have something to work for in the future. Some of them are to pass all my grades. I am trying to work towards becoming a veterinarian.

In my short 13 years, I believe I have had a very interesting life. It has not been easy, but it sure hasn't been dull.


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