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The Hidden Rules

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Hey, fellow Whyvillans, this is MonkeyMoo here. Today, I was itching to write an article on the relationships (not in a romantic way!) between "newbies" and "oldies" in Whyville.

I learned about Whyville from my little sister. She and her friends all belong to the wonderful little online place we call home. I thought it was a cool idea and decided to join.

When I was first became an official Whyvillian, I entered the town with wide, bright eyes. There was so much to do. I could play games and chat with other kids. But things begin to turn rotten as I entered the place we all know all the "Pool Party".

I was new to Whyville and didn't know the "hidden rules" and cool things you had to do or say to be accepted. Just as I entered the Pool Party and "sat" down, people began to throw pies at me. This is really stupid, because it's wasn't my fault that I couldn't see the other person yet. My compter was slower and hadn't loaded the room completely.

Another time not long after that, some "oldies" (I have some opinions about what makes you an oldie, but more about that later) were throwing pies at me because of my lack of face parts. People would call me rude names and constantly talk about what was supposedly wrong with all newbies.

This can be very discouraging to a newcomer. Feeling as if you aren't a part of this really great place we have isn't really a good feeling.

I am not bashing you "oldies" in any way -- just a little tap on the head, I guess. I know, trust me, I know how frustrating it can be when someone doesn't know their way around Whyville and just comes and sits on your face and won't move. It has happened many times before. I'm not saying I haven't acted rudely sometimes (okay, more than a few times but I'm getting there), but I think us older Whyvillans must be kind and respect the new people. In some time, will take the place of us older Whyvillans, once we have moved on.

Whyville is such a great place, but it could be even better if the "newbies" and the "oldies" could have a better relationship and cope with each other a little better.

Oh yeah, one more thing... what really makes you a newbie or an oldie? Is there such a thing? Is it a month or a year that separates us? I'll let your brain chew on that for awhile...!

Well, I'm very tired... signing off, your faithful reporter, MonkeyMoo!


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