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Whyville Then and Now!

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Hey y'all! This is LilDevil7! Lately I've been coming on Whyville and have noticed a lot of changes. Whyville used to be so small, but now the city has grown so much! Whyville just keeps getting better and better.

First of all, I heard that Whyville is getting food! From what I understand, you'll buy food, stay healthy, and then you earn clams for it!

Then: When Whyville was too busy you would be directed to a plain white page that said something like, "Sorry, there are too many people visiting Whyville right now!" in plain black printing. Boring, HUH?

Now: A bright colorful page that says "Whyville Waiting Room." On this page you can buy/bid for a Why-pass, or put in your Why-Pass number and log on, or you can head to The Lounge. But where to start?!?! Buy a Why-Pass, play games, take a tour, check out the map and see where everyone's hangin' out, read the Whyville Times, or try to get onto Whyvllle again, or find out more about Whyville. There's even more to do on there, but I've got to tell you about other things still!

Then: Akbar's had a page for each letter of the alphabet, plus a few extra categories. You'd look through the pages and hope you find what you wanted!

Now: Akbar's, plus hundreds of thousands of stores! You can even make your OWN store! Search for a part or a store and voila, your results!

Then: When you signed in, you would go directly to Whyville Square.

Now: When you come on, you see a page full of information, such as your clams (how many you have and how many you make each day); when the last time you visited Whyville; shows you some Whyville gear that is now available; a list of a few places you can go in Whyville; ways to earn extra clams; and info about Why-Passes.

Then: Your face parts used to take forever to load and sometimes it would sign you out of Whyville, then you'd have to try forever to get back in.

Now: Face parts load so quickly, because they just say what they are and it doesn't have a picture and it hasn't signed me out yet!

Here's a brief list of new things since Whyville first started out:

  • projectiles
  • food
  • more face parts
  • more games
  • more people
  • more places (Beach etc.)
  • parties and proms (for Halloween etc.)

Whyville has come such a long way, and I'm sure it will continue to grow and grow. I know City Hall is full of good ideas! This is LilDevil7, signing out....


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