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Dear Workers at City Hall

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Dear Workers at City Hall,

I am typing this latter to find out some answers to questions I have been wondering, and I bet others have been wondering these things also.

Q: If you own a Why-Pass, can you still get banned?

City Hall: Yes, you can. All citizens of Whyville are required to follow the rules and regulations of our site. You can find those rules underneath the bus menu and in the callbox. It's pretty simple -- offensive language; sexual harassment; invasion of privacy; threats, etc will earn banishment. If you're not sure, email us -- but more than likely, if it's borderline, Whyvillians don't want it in Whyville. Keep in mind, this is a website for kids' education.

Q: How do you decide how to punish a person?

City Hall: Read the callbox (the red mailbox-looking item above your bus menu) and search the Whyville Times for cyranojoe's articles on duct tape, etc.

Q: I notice a lot of people ask for passwords, can you tell me what the punishment for that is? Maybe if people know what will happen they won't ask any more.

City Hall: In general, password askers will be muted 4 to 6 days in their first attempt or two, and then banished from Whyville if they clearly refuse to stop. You may mean well, but if you encourage people to give out passwords, they will one day lose their account to a thief -- which means you helped that thief. Do you really want to do that?

Q: If you quit Whyville are you allowed to give your account away?

City Hall: We'd prefer you didn't, as there are safety issues involved: the other person might convince your friends that you didn't quit Whyville after all, and use that to get personal information out of your friends, possibly putting them in danger. If you insist on giving away your account, be aware we will not sympathize if some day you want to get back on and the other person doesn't allow it. And you will be punished if you give out passwords in Whyville, under any circumstances.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps. Have fun on Whyville, and be safe!

This is misslisa, turning off her laptop really fast before my mom catches me, because I need to be in bed... AHHH, she is coming down the hallway... BYE!


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