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Reuse and Recycle the Times, Part III

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Times Writer

"Just a day, just an ordinary day...." Yet again, this is a new edition of the Whyville Times. Did you read my last two articles titled Reuse and Recycle the Whyville Times? Regardless, I am back with yet another supplement to this series.

Have you ever seen City Workers or City Hall around Whyville? I have, but not too often. But look around the Times... did you know that many of the Whyville workers have composed articles for our newspaper?

Have you ever heard of Doctor Leila? She is a scientist who works at Whyville. She is even gracious enough to let you hang out in her patio (also known as the Pool Party). No doubt, she makes science interesting and fun on Whyville. She even has her own section of the Whyville Times. Several of you probably remember the time of the Why-Pox; however, what do you know of the data about the Why-Pox epidemic? Read further information on the Why-Pox in Doctor Leila's articles titled, Something in the Wind and The Epidemic Spreads. She has even helped to establish the Whyville Center for Disease Control (known as the Whyville CDC). If you haven't yet, go visit her house. There are lots of science-related topics that you can explore such as "why is the sky blue?" and "how does electricity work?" Furthermore, if you really want to chat, you can do so in the house or use the link to the Pool Party inside her house.

Let's not forget about City Worker/ Times Writer, Bigfoot Bill. I personally find him informative (yet with a humorous side). Have you ever read an article by him? Bill has covered such topics as the Great Whyville Blackout, information on Why-Passes, and the Prom Scam in 2000. His first article, called Myville Street's Paved, was directed towards the changes of Whyville's famous city-suburb, Myville. He has also introduced such things as the Whyville mailing system, projectiles, and Club Why. Without him, you probably wouldn't be as informed about the happenings of Whyville. Not to mention that the Whyville Times just would not be the same with his absence.

Someone once said, "behind every great person is another great person". City Hall is an excellent example of this. Between her work in creating new activities for Whyville to enjoy and answering e-mails from different citizens, she still manages to write for the Times. Some of you may wonder how Whyville can be an educational experience. To answer that question, read City Hall and Heartland's article titled Where is the Education? Have you ever wondered about Time Zones and how they work on Whyville? Check out City Hall's article called Got Time?

The Times Editor and Times Staff really come together to create a great newspaper. However, they couldn't accomplish it without the help of dedicated citizens (such as yourself, now reading the paper). If you look up "Times Editor" in the archives section, under "Articles written by..." you will see several pieces of literature, many titled What's New this Week! If you are an individual who is interested in the history of Whyville, I suggest that you read some of these articles. You might be surprised by the amount of information that you can get out of them.

As most things, this series for the Times is going to come to an end. But not before I share some of my knowledge with you. After all, the purpose of me writing this series is so that people could become more familiar with the Times and the archives section. Here is how to use the archives section:

1. When you click on the archives section, you will notice a whole bunch of dates. These are past editions of the Whyville Times. If you click on a date, it will take you to that week's newspaper.

2. At the bottom of the Archives section, you will notice a light-blue square that says "Search the archives for..." If you would like to search for something (such as the Whyville Prom) type in the word 'Prom' beside "Titles containing". If you are interested in a specific writer's piece of work, type their Whyville username beside "Articles written by".

3. There are many topics in the Whyville Times. The pull-down menu "in topic" will give you a list of categories, such as science or editorials. If you are interested in interviews, click onto the Interview section. If you want to read some poetry, click on the poetry section. It's quite easy and simple once you get the hang of it.

4. You can even combine the two search tools to find poetry written by a specific author, and so on. Just explore....

I am not sure about you readers, but I had a jovial time creating and writing this series. You can find many interesting, informative, and well-written articles in the archives. So keep reading! =)



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