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Raging, Fighting, All the Same

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Hello, fellow Whyvillians! OoreganoO here! I have just finished reading the Times, and WOW! I have never heard anything like it! There were complaints! There was fighting! I mean, I know that that is all part of the Times... debating and such, but, well... WOW!

When you watch a cartoon on T.V., you usually see the same thing: a villain and a good guy. The good guy and the villain always fight and, as we all know, the good guy always wins. However, there are things we don't realize. When children are watching these cartoons, what are they introduced to? Violence! Fighting and more fighting... but in my opinion, I think it is good. I think that it is better to be introduced to violence when you are younger! You figure after a while that you don't want to be a villain. You want to be the good guy.

I'm sure you have all gone to school and said about some people, "I wonder what they would be when they are older." Well, today I was hanging out with some of my friends, and one of them asked a fellow student, "Do you smoke?" I had known him for quite a while, but truly I really did not know what he was going to say. He is nice, funny, the type who is almost always honest, but the people he hung out with made me wonder. Most of his friends smoke, fight, and such.

The student turned around looked at her and said, "No! I do not smoke... smoking killed my Grandpa!" We were all pretty shocked. I talked to some people about that and they agreed with me, they hadn't known what he was going to say. What he said, he said strong and with pride. Then he added, "I have been offered to smoke, I'm sure we all have, I turned smoking down EVERY time!"

It really is your decision. Violence, smoking... you learn it is all bad when you are young. We all say, "I am never going to smoke!" But things change. I do not smoke, I try not to fight, and I encourage others to go the right way, and try their best, and I hope that that will NEVER change!

This is OoreganoO, signing out!


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